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Goldring Elan Cartridge

The Elan has been specifically designed to cater for the demanding audiophile on a budget yet is still capable of remarkable results. The cartridge has a rigid body with fully enclosed mounting lugs and represents the most versatile low-cost cartridge choice available today.
Replacement stylus: D145


Frequency Response20 Hz -20 kHz ±3 dB
Channel Balance2 dB @ 1 kHz
Channel Separation20 dB @ 1 kHz
Sensitivity5mV ±2 dB, 1 kHz @ 5 cm/sec
Static Compliance20 mm/N
Dynamic Compliance @ 10Hz
10 mm/N
Equivalent tip mass0.7 mg
Vertical Tracking Angle26°
Stylus RadiusSpherical .0006" (15 µm)
Stylus TypeReplaceable
Load Resistance47 kΩ
Load Capacitance150 - 400 pF
Internal Inductance560 mH
Internal Resistance700 Ω
Cartridge Mass4.2 g
Cartridge Mass (inc. fixings)
5.6 g
Fixing Centre0.5" (12.7 mm)
Playing Weight1.5 - 3.0 g (2.0 g nom.)

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How to replace your cartridge and set up your turntable

Step 1
Put the cartridge up to the headshell and gently tighten the screws into the holes.

Step 2
Then use the Allen key to tighten (but not over-tighten) the cartridge into place. To prevent damage, be careful not to knock the stylus guard or stylus

Step 3
Then connect the wires from the back of the tone arm to the coloured connecting pins at the rear of the cartridge. Each wire is colour coded (red, white, green, blue). It is best to use tweezers or a pair of small pliers to connect them.

Step 4
As they are very delicate, it is best to grab the wire by the connector to prevent damage. Ensure the wires are connected properly.

Step 5
The next stage is correctly aligning the cartridge to the protractor. Gently put the stylus of the cartridge on to the crossover point of the protractor.

Step 6
Holding the cartridge off the protractor, use the Allen key to gently loosen the screws. Once loosened you need to rotate the cartridge so that it is parallel with the lines on the protractor. When you are happy that they are parallel, you need to re-tighten the screws.

Step 7
When tightened, place the stylus back on the protractor to confirm it still lines up.

Step 8
Use the second chart to check that everything is parallel in both positions. When you are happy, ensure the screws are tight enough (but not too tight). Your cartridge is now correctly aligned.