Goldring E3

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Goldring E3

The Goldring philosophy is to promote the accurate replication of the original record production, maintaining the creative nuances, musicality and rhythm the artist intended you to hear. With the versatile E Series, this is easy to achieve; each is designed to be simple to fit to the majority of budget to medium priced turntables.

The E3 cartridge, representing the top of the range features the same aluminium cantilever as the E2, but benefits from a superior, bonded, super-elliptical (0.3 x 0.7 mil) stylus. This gives it better high frequency detail retrieval over ordinary elliptical (0.4 x 0.7 mil) or spherical (0.6 mil) types due to its smaller front-to-back radius. The main effect is the reduction of sibilance, especially in high level vocal recordings


“It produces a classic vinyl sound, warm, relaxed and effortless…”
The Ear

“A superbly realised cartridge that will work well with the majority of affordable turntables.”
What Hi-Fi?, 5 Stars & 2020 Award Winner

“It brought out every note with a precision I never imagined a moving magnet could muster.”

“The Goldring E3 is the top of the company's entry-level series and offers a smooth, very balanced sound.”

“…it is one of the best budget cartridges, at this price point, currently for sale on the market.”
The Audiophile Man, 9/10, Deeply Groovy

“... I still feel I’m not expressing how impressed I am with this “budget” cartridge, it is an amazing value for its price point and easily one of the best among other cartridges not only in its price pool, but even some higher ones. Highly, highly recommended bang for your buck. Big sound with a small price.”
Needles & Grooves


Magnetic Duplex Technology™

All cartridges in the range feature Magnetic Duplex Technology™-a 'dual magnet' generator assembly with an identical geometry to that of the original cutting head. This means it can more accurately reproduce the stereo information in the record groove, providing better channel separation and a more involving and musical sound stage.

Expert Adjustment

The E-series cartridges have been designed to allow micro-adjustments to be made during production using a special adjustment screw. This means the cartridge can be safely installed in a typical turntable because the angle that the stylus makes with the record surface has been pre-set. The result is an optimised channel balance with zero degrees of horizontal tracking adjustment required. This ensures a consistent and reassuring performance for the life of the product.


Featuring spherical styli with a choice of cantilevers, the E1 and E2 models are ideal as an upgrade to any budget, pre-fitted or obsolete cartridge. The E3 model with its re­fined super elliptical stylus is a worthwhile upgrade for those wishing to squeeze even more information and detail from the record groove.

e3 feature
Stylus profile
Stylus radius
0.3 x 0.7 mil
Frequency range
20 Hz - 20 kHz
Channel balance
1.5 dB at 1 kHz
Channel separation
>20 dB at 1 kHz
3.5 mV (1 kHz @ 5 cm/sec)
Static compliance
20 mm/N
Vertical tracking angle
Load resistance
47 k
Load capacitance
100 - 200 pF
Internal inductance
400 mH
Internal resistance
Cartridge mass
6.9 g
Fixing centres
12.7 mm (0.5 in)
Playing weight
1.5 g - 2.5 g (2.0 g recommended)

Customer Reviews

Owned for 2 years, far better than any cartridges I used to have, especially sounstage.
Review By: Karol
Excellent Value
This is a very good cartridge for the money. It is not in the same league as the Goldring 1000 series in terms of body and presence, but most of the time plays very well indeed. Separation, in particular, is much better than I have previously heard at this price. Recommend.
Review By: AlRic
Great value
East to fit & adjust, the sound on this cartridge is, for the cost, unsurpassed. Stunning high notes & soundstage, deep yet crisp bass. A worthy upgrade for the money.
Review By: Dan Miller
Good balanced cartridge
Sound is very balanced, high frequencies are well present but Very clean and natural. Acoustic instruments are really close to their live sound.
Good value for money
Review By: Mark
Good balanced cartridge
Sound is very balanced, high frequencies are well present but Very clean and natural. Acoustic instruments are really close to their live sound.
Good value for money
Review By: Mark
Excellent value for money!
I got it last Xmas (2019) from my wife to fit under my Vintage SONY PS-X60 and after some hours of break in time, I am still very impressed with it.
Nice dynamics, goods highs and lows, just fun to listen.
At this pricetag a real recommendation!
Review By: Casawelli
Absolute bargain!
I have this cartridge in a Linn Axis, Akito II arm & Musical Fidelity LX-LPS and proves to be a stunning combination, very low surface noise and faultless tracking. The cartridge has excellent clarity without relying on over extended 'highs' which makes a fine match for those older LP's. Using headphones the stereo is quite 'holographic' with very clear separation of voices and instruments. I happily recommend it to friends and on Hi-Fi forums as I believe it's something of a giant killer.
Review By: David M. Oates
Amazing performer
Punches well above its price.
Fitted in my Manticore Mantra with rega arm.
The sound is balanced and detailed and it totally engages you with the performance.
Purchased as a temporary replacement for a damaged moving coil whilst I researched a replacement.
It's staying,
You can't better it without spending a lot more money.
Buy, fit, you won't be disappointed.
Review By: Turntable James
Amazed by it... Until IGD becomes prominent
I want to start off by saying I absolutely love my Goldring E3, and it sounds absolutely astonishing until it's introduced to an album that's cut too loud. Inner groove distortion becomes very prominent on louder records, and it's annoying at times. But that's only about 5% of albums in my collection, so it's a solid performer.
Review By: Jordan T.
Airy sound with very good dynamics. Perfect cart.
Review By: S.R.
An excellent cartridge, especially for everyday use, as the stylus is replaceable.
Listening to Dave Brubeck Quartet, 'Time Out'. Very first impression, Slightly vague, which disappeared almost immediately. Piano was very good, nice top end, without sounding a bit jingly. Drums nice and sharp where intended, bass is there, but not overblown. One scratch was over and done with very quickly, Some carts throw a wobbly (literally).

'Take Five' is excellent, plenty of punchy rhythm, everything in its place, I like this cart.

Poulenc's 'Concert champetre pour clavecin et orchestre' on EMI La Voix son maitre, very good sound, almost 'master tape' quality. Very low vinyl noise.

System: Goldring E3: Rega 250 with s/s stub and c/w and new tags on separate arm pod: tt Lenco '75, turned sideways in stock chipboard plinth: 2 x Cambridge Audio 640v2: Usher 604 floorstanders.

plus: even FR, punchy when needed (drums on Take Five excellent)
negative: stylus guard a bit loose

ps must add that our very poorly cat (no thyroid and shot kidneys) we picked up a couple of weeks ago from the Cat Rescue people has come down from the bedroom where he has been for the duration, and is sitting, listening to music by CPE Bach. He is listening, because his ears are twitching and his head turning (as to locate the source). No better recommendation, in my book!

Been playing all afternoon, some dirty records, too, and this cart doen't mind them, either. It even tolerates a bit of debris on the stylus!. ATM, I am listening to Sibelius 5th, by LSO under Gibson, on the Victrola label, yes, in mono, glorious mono, as it turns out. For a recording that is nearly 60 years old, the quality is stunning.
Review By: cat's squirrel
Im listening my new E3 only a few weeks, but I already like it more than my Nagaoka MP110.
E3 has airy, entertaining, rhytmics sound with good dynamics and almost holographic scene. Very good tracker with no IGD or sibilance.
Review By: s1aw0
Bought this yesterday and it’s a fantastic surprise. Enjoy.
Review By: Marco F.

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