Our cartridges have won numerous awards and accolades over the years from the expert members of the audio and hi-fi press.

Goldring E3 moving magnet cartridge


“A superbly realised cartridge that will work well with the majority of affordable turntables.”
What Hi-Fi?, 5 Stars & 2020 Award Winner

“It produces a classic vinyl sound, warm, relaxed and effortless…”
The Ear

“It brought out every note with a precision I never imagined a moving magnet could muster.”

Deeply Groovy

“…it is one of the best budget cartridges, at this price point, currently for sale on the market.”
The Audiophile Man, 9/10, Deeply Groovy

“The Goldring E3 is the top of the company's entry-level series and offers a smooth, very balanced sound.”

“... I still feel I’m not expressing how impressed I am with this “budget” cartridge, it is an amazing value for its price point and easily one of the best among other cartridges not only in its price pool, but even some higher ones. Highly, highly recommended bang for your buck. Big sound with a small price.”
Needles & Grooves

Goldring Ethos moving-coil cartridge


“…as a long-term vinyl partner it is extremely adept and should be on any audition shortlist at the price.”
Hi-Fi Choice, 5 Stars, Recommended Award


“The Ethos is a serious performer…It has the potential to unseat some of the more revered cartridges and give them a real run for their money.”
The Ear, Best Buy Award

5 Globe

“Goldring’s Ethos is a moving coil cartridge unlike most else. It offers moving coil clarity and stage depth but has a lullingly smooth sound, as we know it from vinyl days of yore. A good performer all-round, with fine tracking, it’s an alternative to the more challenging sound of today’s current crop and worth considering. Outstanding – amongst the best”
Hi-Fi World, 5 Globes

Deeply Groovy

“When you buy the Ethos, you’re given a promise. A promise that your hi-fi life will improve slowly and steadily over time. The Ethos is for the long haul. Rejoice in the aural gains that you will hear, immediately. Then prepare yourself for new joys to come as a host of information is fed to you over a long period of time. The Ethos? It’s the gentleman’s gentleman of cartridges”
The Audiophile Man, 9/10, Deeply Groovy award

““I’m deeply impressed by the Goldring Ethos”
Hi-Fi +

“It sounds like the here and now, clear and balanced and full of beauty. If you haven’t considered a Goldring cartridge in a long time, you need to hear the Ethos”
Part-Time Audiophile

Goldring 1042 moving magnet cartridge

“…it provides a superb suite of frequencies that will engage and delight. This is one serious moving magnet design and one that you can buy with confidence”
The Audiophile Man